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The Benefits of Spray Tanning for Travel

Are you about to go on a vacation but can't stand the thought of putting on a bathing suit and looking like Casper the ghost? Before packing your bags and jetting off, consider getting a spray tan! Not only can it help you look like the ultimate beach babe while traveling, it also offers several other benefits. In this blog post, you will learn how getting a spray tan before your trip can make all the difference in your overall enjoyment. There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to pre-travel pampering and spray tanning services. So don't forget, the key to an enjoyable and worry-free vacation may just lie in the professional touch of our sunless pros. Lets take a look at the benefits of spray tanning for travel.

a women on vacation that spray tanned for travel

The most obvious reason people opt in for getting hosed down by their favorite technician is of course the added confidence they gain when wearing their bathing suit on day one. Lets face it, when your more comfortable in your suit, the more fun you have! Who doesn't want to sign up for more fun? We know we do. Personally one of our favorite reasons for getting a spray before our trips is the added bonus that we are already tan when we get there. You know what this does? It actually keeps us from laying out in the sun "feeling like we need to get a tan" because we are already very much tan. This saves not only our skin from aging faster but also decreases our chances of developing skin cancer. What is better than that?

Finally an added bonus is the amazing transition when your spray tan turns into a little real tan. Lets face it there is no way to avoid all the sun on a vacation, hopefully by getting a spray tan and not laying out as much you will get a healthy amount of sun and your spray will transition into a real tan without you even realizing. If you ask us, its a win win situation.


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