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Post Tan Instructions

Do not let this overwhelm you. This is just a detailed guide. Live, breath and move normally.

Be sure to have spray tan safe body lotion and body wash as certain ingredients can fade your tan prematurely. 


  • Avoid sweating, swimming, exercising & all forms of water or liquid.

  • Just Netflix and chill, we do not recommend doing anything strenuous or with a lot of movement. 

  • Avoid touching yourself to prevent transfer onto palms.

  • Avoid pet kisses & intimate encounters.

  • Stay in loose clothing.

  • Keep your hair up.

  • Avoid skin on skin contact.

  • Stay in sandals or stay barefoot to keep your feet from sweating while developing.

  • Do not put ANYTHING on your skin. 


  • Rinse with cool/luke warm water at the time instructed by your technician.

  • Use your hand to lightly help glide the top layer off in ALL areas including your armpits.

  • Rinse until the water runs clear.

  • Some color will rinse off in the shower, this is normal.

  • Do not use ANY products or wash your hair. Water rinse only.

  • Pat dry with the towel when you get out, do not rub.

  • Apply a sunless approved lotion only as other lotions will strip your tan or alter the color. Recommendations are on our safe product page, the link is in the menu.

  • We do not recommend anything on the skin besides a spray safe lotion for 24 hours. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you come out and your tan is streaky, you did not rinse all the top layer off, please get back in and rinse again.​

We recommend not exercising, showering or shaving for 24 hours.


  • Drink a lot of water! Hydrate from the inside out. The spray will last longer on healthier skin.

  • Moisturize morning & night with a spray safe lotion, this will keep your tan from fading patchy and make it last longer. Do not forget wrists, ankles, in-between breasts, neck and armpits. Moisturize your WHOLE body at least once a day in summer and twice a day in the winter. 

  • Use sunless safe lotions only. Check out our spray safe products page or our shop.

  • Wear loose fitting clothing as often as possible.



  • Take showers less frequently, when you do make them quick and cool/luke warm not hot.

  • Do not use wash cloths or loofahs, hands are best. 

  • Only wash what needs to be washed.

  • Always pat dry with the towel instead of rub.

  • Always moisturize right after your showers with a spray safe lotion.

  • Use gentle moisturizing cleansers. No acne or anti aging products. (only our Glotox spray)

  • Your face, hands & feet will fade the fastest due to washing and your feet due to sweating. If this bothers you, you can use our tan booster from our online shop to reapply color and to keep the tan up with the rest of the body. Wash palms after use with these products.

Products made specifically to work with our solutions will boost your tan, click below to purchase our Tan Booster that will help your tan last up to two weeks.


We recommend not shaving for 24 hours. When you do shave, please use a brand-new razor blade (no lubricating strip) and hair conditioner to shave with as this will act like a barrier. You can also use sunless safe body wash. No bar soaps or shaving creams. Be sure to moisturize with a high quality spray safe lotion afterwards. 



  • Being in the sun, swimming, hot tubs as well as activities that cause you to sweat can fade your tan faster.

  • We recommend our tan booster from our online shop if you plan on doing these activities.

  • Keep in mind a sunless tan does not protect you from a sunburn. Please apply an approved SPF from our sunless safe product page.

  • No spray cans or oils. Mineral based water-resistant lotion form SPF. SunBum and Coola are best. 

  • Soaking will fade it faster. Do in and out sessions. After being in pools, oceans or hot tubs a cool rinse is recommended if an outside shower is available, patting dry with the towel and then applying our tan booster or spray tan safe lotion.



  • Exercising within the first 24 hours after a spray is not recommended.

  • Sweating will cause your spray to fade faster. 


  • Please do your first rinse before you exercise & then apply a sunless approved lotion.

  • Applying a lotion before working out will help prevent fading.

  • You can put baby powder in areas that will rub against tight clothing.

  • Doing weights instead of cardio is better to avoid excessive sweating.



  • On day 5 start GENTLY exfoliating your skin head to toe in each shower, make sure not to forget ankles, wrists, arm creases and in between the chest or any areas where you may be getting blotchy.

  • End of life blotchiness can be from not moisturizing enough, clothes rubbing / sweating or your skin starting its natural skin shed cycle, (lotion will help blend this).

  • Apply a high-quality spray safe lotion 1xs a day in the summer and 2xs a day in the winter.

  • Do this daily until it's all gone.

If your sunless tan is fading in patches, this is caused by dry skin and or not moisturizing those areas enough to help it fade out evenly. Make sure to increase your moisturizing or use a better-quality lotion for your next spray. If your tan is already blotchy it can be just time to exfoliate it off.



Apply baby oil on your skin like a lotion, relax in light long sleeve clothing for a couple hours. After baby oil has sat on your skin for a while take a steamy hot shower and at the end of the shower when your skin is warm and soft exfoliate with a mitt, glove or wash cloth. Repeat if needed. Hot tubs, pools, steam room, sauna and sweating will all help as well. 

Pro Tip- If you are moisturizing properly and exfoliating during your tans end of life it should fade just like a real tan. 


Dish soap and a pumice stone

Original dawn soap or baby oil (mineral oil) and a scrubber

Dawn Ultra Platinum Power wash Dish Spray and a scrubber


If there is an issue or accident with your spray, please contact us immediately (as soon as possible) so we can tell you how to fix it before it fully develops.

Spray, Don't Lay.

A weeks tan in under 10 minutes.

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