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  • Where are your locations?
    By Appointment Only - Suite Space, Newtown CT Salon -every Thursday at 123 Main St S. / Rebecca Esthetics, Southbury CT Salon- every Tuesday & Wednesday at 316 Main St S. Static Beauty Lounge in Oxford CT (Near Quarry Walk Plaza) We also have two professional home studios with open availability all week in Oxford CT (Southbury Town Line) and Bristol CT. In addition, we also take HOUSE CALLS which is our most popular service, we do this for 1 or more people. 2 people is a $20.00 discount per person. House Call Locations -Southbury Oxford Middlebury Woodbury Roxbury Watertown Bristol Burlington Farmington Southington Avon West Hartford New Britain Brookfield Bethel New Fairfield Newtown Monroe Ridgefield Norwalk Westport Darien Wilton Redding Weston Fairfield Greenwich Wilton New Canaan Stamford Easton and more in CT
  • How do house calls work?
    We come to the house for 1 person or groups! 8 or more? The host gets sprayed free! 2 or more is a $20.00 discount per person. We spray in a small private pop-up tent about 8 feet high by 6 feet wide. Our tent can fit in any room. All the spray falls in the tent so when we leave there is no mess! All we need is good lighting and an outlet. We do not spray in bathrooms or small bedrooms. We will evaluate your skin type and desired results at the appointment.
  • What is the process like?
    The process is easy and fun! It only takes about 5 minutes and it is just like simon says. We do two passes on your skin and you will do clockwise right turns around the tent while engaging in some great conversations with our techs!
  • When should I schedule my pro spray?
    1-2 days before your event or flight.
  • Should I get beauty services before or after my pro spray?
    We recommend scheduling all beauty and spa appointments 1-2 days before your pro spray, such as pedicures, manicures, waxing, hair and massage appointments all before your pro spray. Waxing- 24 hours before if you do it frequently or 48 hours before your skin is not used to it. Lash extensions- You can spray after just message us so we can figure out your rinse time. Lash Lifts and Brow Tint- we recommend waiting 24 hours after application before being sprayed. Tweezing or Threading- you need 24 hours for follicles to close. Facials and Botox- we recommend waiting 24 hours. Chemical Peels we recommend waiting 2 weeks. Laser Hair Removal depends on the machine used, please ask your technician who provides this service for you. If unsure we recommend scheduling your appointment a least a week apart. Microblading - we recommend waiting 1 week. Fillers and Micro Needling- we recommend waiting 1 week. New Tattoos- we can either cover it or it needs to be past the peeling process to be sprayed.
  • I'm very fair and I almost always burn. Can I get a spray?
    Absolutely! Sunless solutions were designed for those who cant tan conventionally. You will not get dark but we can do a light to medium tan.
  • What do I wear for my pro spray?
    You can wear whatever YOU are comfortable in. We have sprayed people in one piece bathing suits all the way down to a thong. The FDA requires an undergarment be worn as well as protective eye wear, nose filters, ear protection & lip balm all of which we supply.
  • Do I need to cover my hair?
    No! The solution will not dye the hair. We only recommend wearing a hair cover if you have white hair or extensions which we can provide for you.
  • Will I smell like a spray tan?
    Absolutely not. We only spray with top-of-the-line high quality solutions. We also apply a seal that helps take away the DHA smell. If you do smell like spray tan this is just the DHA interacting with the skin but is very rare to smell it. We have never had complaints of this.
  • Will the spray stain my nails?
    No! The solution will not stain your nails as long as you have some type of polish on. We only recommend putting a lotion on your nails to act as a barrier if you do not have polish on as it can stain the real nail bed. This is very rare, but we have had this happen.
  • How long does it take my spray to dry?
    You will dry almost instantly and can get dressed right away. We spray with such a fine mist & there is a built in blower in our HVLP system which allows drying as we are spraying. You will not feel wet as it is a fast drying technique. You can get your tan and then get dressed and go on with your busy life. Our full body setting powder or seal sets it and dries it even faster.
  • How soon can I rinse after being sprayed?
    You can rinse anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on your skin type and desired results.
  • Will I turn ORANGE?
    This is dependent on the technicians knowledge of their solution and their education about different skin types and tones. All of our technicians understand this to an extreme. You can get orange from not listening to your technician when they tell you to rinse!
  • How do I ensure my pro spray develops perfectly?
    Follow our Tan Prep Instructions! If you do not prep we cannot guarantee a flawless result.
  • When can I exercise?
    We recommend waiting 24 hours to exercise. This gives the tan time to fully develop before sweating. Make sure you always do your rinse before exercising. Apply lotion right before so it helps hold the tan into the skin. Do weights instead of cardio to avoid excess sweating. Do a cool water rinse after your session to get the excess sweat off your skin, then moisturize with a spray tan safe lotion, preferably our Tan Booster!
  • When can I take my first shower?
    You will do your rinse with just water anywhere from 2-8 hours after being sprayed. We recommend waiting 24 hours from the time you got sprayed to take your first real shower with body wash. Just make sure you are using sunless approved products!
  • How long will my pro spray last?
    We recommend reading the post tan instructions on this website, this will help you get the best life out of your pro spray. Your tan will last anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Since the spray is on the outer layers of the skin, it will lasts until these skin cells shed in the normal exfoliating cycle. We have seen this vary from person to person. The length will depend on a number of things such as Prep Skin ph Hormones Menstrual cycles Condition of skin Products used on the skin Exercising Sweating Post tan care To get the most of your spray we recommend our GloBoost Lotion. You can grab that right in our online shop.
  • How often can I get sprayed?
    We do not recommend spraying any closer than at least 7 days apart. All the spray residues must be taken off the skin before doing another application. If you need tips on getting the spray off, please contact us. We recommend taking a break from spraying and self tanner every couple months as the skin can build a resistance.
  • Will this protect me from the sun?
    NO. There is no sunscreen in the solution. It is recommended to follow regular precautions when being in the sun.
  • I have a sun burn, can I get a spray?
    It will depend on the severity of the burn. Please reach out to us with a photo. There is a high risk your skin can peel and may appear patchy. Sunburned skin is damaged skin and the tan can be drying and cause it to peel. PRO TIP: If this happens gently exfoliate the edges and apply a lotion that does not contain mineral oil and a bronzer to blend the lighter areas.
  • How do I get old tan off my skin?
    Check out our pro shop for some tan removing products! Pro Tip: Apply baby oil on your skin like a lotion, relax in light long sleeve clothing for a couple hours. After baby oil has sat on your skin for a while take a steamy hot shower and at the end of the shower when your skin is warm and wet exfoliate with a mitt, glove or wash cloth. Repeat if needed. Hot tubs, pools, steam room, sauna and sweating will all help as well.
  • Will the spray make my age spots or scars look darker?
    It can make age spots look darker temporarily however we can put a barrier like Vaseline with a Q-tip to keep this from happening. Generally, it will not make scars darker.
  • What if I don’t have enough hours to let the tan develop?
    We have a rapid spray tan solution that can be rinsed off in 2 to 6 hours depending on your skin type. This is great for last minute events.
  • What kind of solution do you use?
    There is no such thing as 100% organic sunless solution due to the DHA not being organic, however it is considered safe for external application and is derived from sugar cane and beets. We do spray with the cleanest solutions we can find on the market that do contain mostly organic ingredients besides the DHA which is only about 10-15% of the solution. We also receive our own custom mix from a pro company in the industry.
  • Do you spray men?
    Of course! Check out our MAN TAN page! Men are welcome to make an appointment at our salon locations (Newtown / Southbury or Oxford Salon) and we only do a house call with a male if there is a woman present that is also being sprayed or they have had an appointment in one of our salons before.
  • What is the advantage to purchasing pro spray products?
    Products in our shop interact better with our solution. So purchasing these will make your tan last longer and help it not turn a brassy color. Spray tans are very delicate and chemicals in store bought solution can fade them very fast. Make sure you only use spray approved products during the life of your pro spray.
  • What is DHA and how does a spray tans work?
    This is what creates the browning of the skin. DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is an ingredient derived from sugar cane and beets, which reacts with the amino acids in the protein of the outter layer of the skin. DHA is considered safe, non toxic & is FDA approved for external application.
  • I am pregnant or breast feeding, can I get a pro spray?
    Although our solution is non toxic & not known to have any detrimental effects on an expected mother, we do recommend an approval from your doctor during the first trimester. If you are within 2-3 weeks of your due date we do not recommend it in case an emergency c-section needs to be performed. You can still get a spray while breast feeding we just recommend you wear a bra.
  • What is the difference between a machine spray tan and a pro spray by an artist?
    The spray tan booths cannot change the % based on skin types and there are only a couple different levels. This is why people may get orange from a booth. They are getting sprayed with the wrong % for their skin type and or leaving it on way too long. There are up to 6 different skin types so this % can vary drastically and the machine will not adjust, nor will it look as flawless as a spray by an artist.
  • Can I have an allergic reaction?
    All the ingredients in solution have been used in cosmetics and food products for decades and have been proven safe for use on the skin. However, if you have sensitive skin and have had reactions to cosmetics or skin products, we recommend booking a patch test. A patch test is where we test a small area on your body first before spraying the whole body. Please reach out to us to schedule this.
  • How can I prevent uneven color wear-off?
    Moisturize 2 times a day with our GloCream. This will help blend it as it is fading out. You can also start lightly exfoliating around day 5.
  • My spray lasted 1-2 days, didn't develop at all or appeared streaky, what happened?
    If your tan only lasted a couple days: The most common reason for this is that certain cleansers & or lotions may contain chemicals or mineral oil that can strip it. We only recommend using products in our pro store or approved products on our site. You went in a hot tub or pool for too long. You exercised too long, and your tan was sweating off. You did not take care of it or follow our pro tan care instructions. A combination of these things. If your pro spray didn't develop: You had a product residue left on your skin that blocked it. You had oily skin that blocked it. You were on or near your menstrual cycle. Your ph levels were off. You are on medications. Hormonal Imbalance If your tan appeared streaky after you did your rinse: The most common reason for this is that you didn't rinse all the bronzer off, just get back in the shower and use your hand to help glide all the bronzer off. You were sweating before your rinse, and it ran down your skin and caused a line. Any issues always reach out to us right away so we can take care of you!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    All deposits are non-refundable. Under 48 hours 100% of the booked service fee will be charged to the card on file. Under 48 hours we have a reschedule fee of $25.00 and must be rescheduled within 2 weeks. We work our lives around these appointments, and it is not fair to us when people hold a spot for weeks and cancel last minute. When this happens someone also misses out on an appointment. Thank you for understanding!

Any questions that we did not answer on this site please feel free to email us

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