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Pre Tan Instructions

This is a detailed guide. If it stresses you out please see the bottom of the page for a breakdown

For best results please-

  • Book your spray 1-2 days before your event or trip.

  • Schedule ALL beauty appointments 1-2 days before your spray.

  • Do not use Dove, Bath and Body Works or Victoria Secret products a couple days before your spray or throughout the life of your tan.

  • Avoid sunburns and wear SPF in the sun.

If feasible- (but not totally necessary)

  • 1-2 weeks out start exfoliating & moisturizing your skin regularly.

  • 2 -3 days before increasing your water intake, coconut water or electrolyte drinks are a plus!


Shaving & Waxing-

Shave at least 24 hours before your appointment with a plain razor (no lubrication strip) OR wax 48 hours prior to your appointment if you are new to waxing or 24 hours if you wax regularly.




The night before your appointment or that morning (at least 4 hours BEFORE) please wash hair, body, & LAST please exfoliate at the END of your shower with JUST an exfoliate mitt or glove & NO PRODUCT. JUST WATER. Do not use ANY PRODUCT OR SCRUBS TO EXFOLIATE.


We recommend getting ALL PRODUCT RESIDUE OFF YOUR SKIN at the END of your shower.


Please DO NOT use a washcloth or loofah to exfoliate.

Please only use an exfoliate mitt or glove. You can get these on amazon, at TJ MAX, some grocery stores and beauty stores. 

Please be sure to scrub your armpits where you would have deodorant residue, also give some extra exfoliating love to your neck, chest, elbows ankles and feet!


When you get out of your prep shower- do not put anything on your skin! 

  • You can put on some mascara and lipstick to get through the day, but that is it.

  • Wear LOOSE, baggy, dark clothing, with a loose shirt that is EASY to get over your head.

  • Please wear sandals, or if its cold you can do loose shoes or boots but please with no socks.

  • We do not recommend putting on anything that will rub on your skin immediately after your spray this includes a bra. If you have to put on a bra please bring a LOOSE BRALETTE. 

  • Please wear lip balm to protect your lips from the spray as it could dry them out.

  • Have all loose jewelry off before your appointment. (Stud piercings and rings are fine)

  • We require a bottom, but you can go topless if you like.

  • Please wear a dark undergarment to be sprayed in.

  • If it is raining or snowing, please make sure all of the skin is covered & bring in an umbrella.

  • In the rain please wear loose shoes with no socks like loose boots, no sandals or tight sneakers.


Please be sure to have spray tan safe products to use after your tan. These can be found on our safe product page. You will need these to maintain your tan and keep it from fading patchy.


Products made specifically to work with our solutions will boost your tan and increase its longevity, especially our anti aging tan booster that will help your tan last up to two weeks.

The Spray Process 

During the spray application process, we will have you do 45-degree right hand turns around the tent. During this time, we recommend not to step off the towel below you to ensure you do not get spray on the bottom of your feet. Please be sure to have your sandals on before stepping out of the tent. Try not to bump your elbows on the sides of the tent to ensure you do not get extra spray on your elbows. Please do not touch or adjust your undergarments while we are spraying you. 



Please know that there is a high probability that the DHA in the solution will cause your sunburn to re-peel. Please contact us if you have had a sunburn in the last 6 months.


We recommend getting a doctor's consent if you are in your 1st trimester.

We do not recommend spraying if you are a month out to your due date in case of an early birth or emergency c section.

Menstrual Cycle

Please be aware that if you have your menstrual cycle or you are near your menstrual cycle, the tan can either develop very light or not at all. This is very rare, but we have had this happen.



Some medications such as thyroid medications can cause a spray tan to not develop or not last as long. This is very rare but please keep this in mind if you are on any strong medications. Acne medications or topicals can cause a spray tan to peel. Please let us know if you are using these products. 

Reach out to us if

  • You have never used self-tanner or had a sunless tan before along with one of these reactions-

  • You have had any allergic reactions to cosmetics. 

  • You have had any allergic reactions to skin care products.


The night before or the morning of your appointment please shave, wash hair and body in no particular order. Then at the END of the shower on your WHOLE body including armpits do light circles with an exfoliate mitt or glove using JUST WATER. Get out and put NOTHING on your skin. Wear baggy clothes and sandals to your appointment. If it is raining or cold please wear loose shoes or boots with no socks. -Please schedule all your beauty appointments before your spray!

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