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Custom Pro Services 


Enhance your natural beauty with our Pro Facial Contour service. Our expert artists are trained to provide natural-looking 3D facial contouring, enhancing features such as the cheekbones, temples, and jawline. Using a subtle approach, we can help define and sculpt your facial features for a more polished and radiant look.


Pro Facial


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Body ShapeContour

We specialize in natural body slimming to enhance your natural curves and create the illusion of a  slimmer appearance. Our skilled artists are experts at using spray tanning to slim, blend, and shade the right areas, such as the stomach, thighs, arms and booty to create a more defined & slimmer look for any occasion.

Pro Tan Prep

At CleanGlow, Pro Spray Tans we understand that life can get busy and preparing for a spray tan can feel like a hassle. That's where our Pro Tan Prep service comes in. Let us take the stress out of preparing for your spray tan and ensure a flawless tan development. Our team will handle all the necessary exfoliation, moisturizing, and priming so you can just sit back and relax.

Tan Line Correction

Say goodbye to uneven tan lines with our Pro Tan Line Correction service. Whether you have a special event coming up or just want to achieve a flawless tan, our team of experts are here to help. Tan lines are a thing of the past with our precise and professional application techniques.

spray tanning connecticut

Total Package

Achieve the perfect spray tan with our Total Package service. Say goodbye to stubborn self tanner on your skin, as our service includes Tan Removal, Exfoliation, and Tan Prep. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your skin is perfectly prepped for a flawless spray tan application. The Total Package guarantees a smooth and even tan that will last longer and fade more naturally. Book our Total Package service today for a seamless and professional spray tan experience.

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Moisturizing Seal

This revolutionary spray tan topcoat helps the skin feel silky smooth, ensures optimal fading and helps maximize the life of the spray tan by 1-3 days! Our favorite feature of this spray tan seal would be its added anti-aging benefits!

Rapid Spray Tan

Short on time? No problem! We can do a fast-developing spray tan. Rinse this spray tan off in 2-4 hours and be ready to go to your event!

Custom Blending

Mature skin is our specialty! Each spray tan appointment includes our custom blending of fine lines and wrinkles. To ensure you have no missed areas and your spray tan develops absolutely flawless. 

Zoom Services

Self-Tanner How Tos

Spray Tan Consult

Bridal Spray Tan Consult

Never had a spray tan before? Would you like all your questions answered about spray tans by one of our sunless pros? Book a zoom call with us right off our booking site. 

Do you have a big day coming up? Are you unsure if you want a spray tan? Do you have questions about bridal spray tans? No problem! Book your bridal zoom call with our pros!

Do you want to learn from one of our pros how to apply self tanner at home so it comes out absolutely flawless? Book this zoom call to get all the details!

Spray Tanning Locations in CT

In the Salon

Mobile Spray Tan

Come to us for your spray tan in CT! We have a 5-star spray tan technique that ensures no streaking, stickiness or orange color. We get to know your skin in depth and spray the tan on  based off your skin type and under tones. The most customized spray tan you can get!

Busy? We come to you for your spray tan! We offer a luxury spray tan experience in the comfort of your own home! We can spray a tan on 1 person or a group! We can pop up anywhere! Book your mobile spray tan in CT today!

Gift certificates can be purchased right on our booking site and you can print it out, or you can pick one up at your next appointment. 

more than just a spray tan.

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