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How To Choose The Perfect Self Tanner

Don't have the time for your pro spray tan? We get it, life is super busy! Here are your best tips from the pros on picking the right self tanner for your undertones & skin type. It can definitely be a little over whelming with all the options now a days, so let us break it down for you to make it super simple!

In the spray tanning world we use color theory to determine the best color for your undertones and your skin type, It's pretty much the same thing with self tanners or mousse. You will want to look at the undertones of your skin. For example, do you have red in your skin? Or yellow? Is your skin warm or cool? Do you not have color to your skin and is your skin neutral? Are you medium or olive? Once you figure out your undertone you can then go ahead and match your self tanner. You will want to go with the opposite chart on the color wheel. So if your skin pulls warm or yellow you will want a violet based self tanner. Mix yellow & purple what do you get? Brown! Its like love at first sight. No orange color here!

The skin in this photo is a neutral undertone just to give you an idea. Her skin doesn't pull to any color, therefore she can go ahead and use any color base self tanner or mousse since she isn't fighting any color undertone. When you have colors in your undertone like red or yellow/warm skin, you have to fight those colors to get you brown. That's as easy as picking out the correct color base for your skin!

For our pink/red babes, you will want to go with a green color base tanner or mousse. When you mix pink and green you will get brown, the perfect color development. If you pull more red based you can try a green base and a brown base and see which one you like better. Just be sure to moisturize your dry areas before using the tanner as a green base can look more warm than a violet base. We hope supplying you with the basics will help you to pick out your best self tanner going forward. You can also schedule a class or zoom call on color theory with our CEO and she can determine your undertone for you. Click below to book!

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