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How To Use Tanner As Makeup

Sometimes we need a quick pick-me-up and we all know that a pop of color will always deliver. If you weren't able to get to us before your event or trip, we are revealing some of our pro tips on how to use tanner as makeup! This is also great if you live in a colder climate and do not show much skin on these cold days but still want a contoured glow on your face. Here we are going to teach you how to use our pro tanning mousse as makeup. You heard us right, read on to pick up these pro tips.

Self Tanner as makeup

One of my favorite ways to do this, is to customize the application using your makeup brush. I love to do this to add a little extra highlighting and special contour. You will do this by using your makeup brush or your favorite makeup wedge and apply a little of our pro mousse right below your cheek bone. This will give you the appearance of a slimmer face. Always start with less product because you can always add more, however, you want it to look dark because if it doesn't, when you rinse it off it will be too light. It may look CRAZY while you are developing so be sure to do this when you can stay home for a couple hours. Be sure to remember to always go below your cheek bone, or you could risk having your face appear larger. For our pro mousse I would let this sit for about 3-4 hours before rinsing off. If its too dark after rinsing just take a wet wash cloth and scrub a little, and boom like magic its perfect!

Some clients also like to mix in some of our pro mousse into their regular foundation and then apply it to their face. Our pro mousse is the perfect smooth foam for this. With this technique, just be sure to blend really well with a kabuki brush after applying to the face, don't forget to blend down into the neck. An easier method is to add the mousse to your face moisturizer before you go to bed, again blending really well and into the neck. Be sure to wash your hands after so you don't wake up with spray tan hands.

Another pro tip is applying our pro mousse to all the areas that you normally would contour with face makeup, do it exactly the same way. Just make sure your blending technique is on point. The best part about this is that you have a week long permanent contour. What is better than that?

All methods can work beautifully with the right amount of product. So remember that using too much can be overkill and the opposite of a perfect glow, so just play around with all these methods and see what your perfect ratio is and which one is the best for you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us or book your self tanner makeup class with our CEO. We hope your enjoyed reading our tips about how to use tanner as makeup and we hope you implement one of these tips into your routine!


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