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Spray Tanning During The Holidays. Why or Why Not?

There are a lot of myths surrounding pre-holiday spray-tanning. Of course, before CleanGlow even started, I dabbled in spray tanning for some "experiments." Lets just say I was pleasantly surprised, which is why I decided to do this as a profession. I was seeing family members for the first time in years, and lets just say, showing up as casper with my pasty white skin was just not giving me the confidence boost I needed to see some of my in-laws and long lost newly wed cousins.

Holiday Dinners & Parties

This was my first spray tan ever and I was super nervous as I did not know what to expect. Luckily, I felt like I was in good hands the second my technician started talking. I explained to her that I did not want to look "too tan," just something to take the pasty out. This way I could feel more confident answering all of my families instusive questions that I see maybe once or twice a year. The next morning I was so insanely in love, I had a glow that literally made me feel unstoppable. The best part about it? No one even knew I got a spray tan. They just keep saying, "you look so good," "you look so happy," "your skin is so pretty." Hah, little did they know that this is my new best accessory.

Work Holiday Parties

The second year I decided to get a spray tan for a work holiday party thrown by our hosptial. Those of you that know me, know I also work as an MRI Technologist. It was at a large venue and very formal. You know what this means, a dress in December, YIKES! The thought of this made me cringe. I quickly remembered the amazing glow I had for my family dinner the year before. The same technician nailed it again! I looked absoulutly amazing in my dress and felt like I was the belle of the ball and not the ghost of the ball. I started to call my tanning lady my beauty superhero.

Holiday Vacations

Bathing suit in the winter, when the sun hasen't been shining on me in months?!? Ugh, I wanted to be bronzed on day one of my ten day cruise so of course, I paid a visit to my girl, my confidant, the woman who makes me glow. I boarded the plane 24 hours later looking absolutely perfectly bronzed. There was only one thing that I was curious about. Would I come home with the same shades of bronze aswhen I left?

Suprisingly, It was darn close. I would say maybe even more bronzed! As I was waiting day by day to get so called "streaky" from all the spray tan rumors I have heard, well my tan didn't get streaky, I did tan, and, most importantly, I didn't feel pasty when I had to wear my bathing suit on day one of my cruise. I could actually enjoy my vacation without having the stress of getting a tan. Could this be my new best accessory for vacations?



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