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The Mobile Spray Tanning Process.

If you're looking for a quick, convienent way to get a bronzed looking tan without spending hours in the sun or at the tanning salon, then mobile spray tanning is the way to go! Mobile spray tans provide numerous advantages over traditional self-tanning methods such as lotions and sprays. Not only are they more convenient since you don't have to leave your home, but they also produce a much deeper and darker shade of bronze than these other self tanning products can give you. In addition, with a mobile spray tan technician there to perform the application process, you won't need to worry about streaks or uneven coverage. So how does it all work? Read on for the mobile spray tanning process!

Mobile Spray Tanning CT

What happens at a mobile spray tan?

During the mobile spray tanning process we will first look for the best spot in your home to perform the spray tan. This is usually a space that is well lit and open such as a large kitchen, dinning room or basement. The ideal space would be with great lighting and an outlet near by so we can plug in our machine. We do not worry about getting spray on any furtniture or any personal belongings in your home as we keep the spray isolated in our pop up tent. We will then set up our tent and supplies that usually only takes about 5 minutes while we are chatting with you about your expecatations and desired results.

What do you wear for a mobile spray tan?

After chatting and picking a rinse time specific to your skin type and undertone you will then dress down to your comfort level. This could be anything from a one piece bathing suit to a thong. Whatever you are comfortable in we are fine with. We have sprayed everyone in different things!

Does someone spray tan you or is it a machine?

The technician that did your consultation will spray you by hand with a small HVLP applicator. This is a high volume low pressure application gun that is specifiaclly made for professional spray tan artists. It delivers a flawless application to ensure no lines or streaks.

CT Mobile Spray Tans

Can I put clothes on after my spray tan?

Absolutely! We will dry you with our drying hose after we are finished with the spray tan. This helps accelerate our quick dry spray tan technique. You will be able to get dressed as long as your are putting on nothing tight. At this point we will also go over all post tan instructions and answer any and all questions you may have. We will then fold up our tent and put our supplies away which only takes a minute or two.

Do you have any mobile spray tanning specials or discounts?

Yes! If you have 2 or more people its a $20.00 discount per person. We also have mobile spray tanning in ct punch cards. Every 5th mobile spray tan you do with us you get 1 free! We also have our VIP and Glow Points loyalty programs.

Mobile spray tanning is the quick way to achieve a pro bronzed look from your own home. Not only is it convenient, but its a great pick me up to feel good within yourself. Plus, with mobile services now available in many cities across the globe, everyone can experience sybarite luxury with this preferred method of tanning. So why not treat yourself and your friends to a sun-kissed beauty boost – safely and conveniently! Have you had a mobile spray tan before?


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