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Our Story & How to Start A Spray Tan Business

Spray tan tent

I dont want to bore you with the typical story about a small business start up, for me it was more than that. It all started when I realized how burnt out I was. I had been working my hospital job as an MRI technologist for years. Long hours, sick patients and always being on call got old fast. Of course it paid the bills, but it didn’t give me the satisfaction that comes from doing something you truly love and have a passion for. One day during a conversation with a girlfriend I came to the realization that skin cancer was a real problem and that it really wasn't talked about enough. It is estimated by the American Cancer Society that almost 100,000 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed this year. In that same conversation my girlfriend mentioned starting a spray tan business. I thought this was crazy and to be frank something I would not be interested in doing. Later that night I decided to entertain the idea and started doing some research about the spray tan industry. It didn't take long for me to realize that not only was I interested in doing this but that I could of possibly just found my passion but more importantly my purpose. I also realized Connecticut needed something that just wasn't there, a spray tan company, sure, there were women providing these services, but there was a hole in this industry in Connecticut. It needed a company, specialists, pros and experts. The spray tan industry is not regulated. There is no schooling required, there are no certifications, diplomas or degrees required. For this reason anyone can buy a machine and call them selves a spray tan technician and start a spray tan business. I wanted to make us different by creating a company that actually works side by side with the industry PROS.

I invested everything into this dream of mine: time, money, energy and even tears, you name it! I eventually cut my hours at the hospital despite the risks involved with such a venture, I knew deep down inside that there was potential here. After years of hard work just to name a few like taking business classes, attending seminars and conferences, customizing products, spraying for free, building my online business and presence, and building relationships with other professionals in the industry all over the united states, working with influencers and most importantly which isn't talked about enough with small businesses a lot of trial and error and learning the hard way, after failing and learning from those failures my dreams finally came true: CleanGlow Sunless Tanning Co. was born.

Once I finally got all my ducks in a row we experienced tremendous growth as customers flocked to us as their spray tan experts. We quickly became known for providing high-quality spray tans and products. We became the go to spray tan experts in Connecticut. It is true what they say, every time someone purchases from a small business an actual person does a happy dance!

Though running a business is never easy, especially when you are starting out, seeing how far I have become is truly a remarkable feeling. If anything has shown me over these past few years what incredible things can happen when you take risks and follow your passions then this experience definitely has been it. Who knows where else this journey could take me? Some of the things I have on my agenda would be creating a professional spray tan training program both online and in person and also creating advanced classes for beauty business owners to elevate their current beauty businesses. One thing’s certain though: no matter what happens next, I will always stay true to my roots and provide amazing quality spray tans and products all while giving our customers the best possible spray tan experience.

After covid shutting down our Newtown CT salon and two hard pregnancy's Ive realized that our business is strong and that I can do anything I set my mind to. However this wouldn't be possible without our clients. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog and if you are reading this blog you most likely follow our business. A huge thank you, I appreciate you more than you could ever know. Especially now that I have two beautiful babies, I have a whole new reason to keep CleanGlow thriving.

Do you want to start a spray tan business in ct? I have put years of sweat and tears into this business and im going to be honest it was extremely hard. I wish I had a mentor that showed me the way so I didnt waste so much time. I can provide that for you and I would be honored to help someone grow so much faster than I did. If you are interested in chatting about training you can book your training session now or reach out to me! I can provide you with the skills and confidence you need to start a spray tan business in ct!


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